Estonia’s IT talents sold international services to cybercriminals

Eesti IT-talendid lõid küberkurjategijaid teenindava rahvusvahelise võrgustiku. PHOTO: Sander Ilvest An international investigation brought to court found IT talents residing in Estonia and Lithuania, who had provided services to an international network of cybercriminals. The US federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in cooperation with German, British and Estonian criminal investigation institutions caught up with four […]

Only the Võru county and the islands are all right

Yesterday’s data showed 430 new cases of infection, while last week’s Wednesday had 409. PHOTO: Mihkel Maripuu The general indicators of the spreading of corona virus have flattened out, says Krista Fischer, a member of the Science Council and professor of mathematical statistics of Tartu University. However, when observing regions individually, infection is increasing. Yesterday’s […]

Estonia Theatre’s annex gets cooling-off time

The annex to the current building of the Estonia opera theatre in Tallinn (repro). PHOTO: Rahvusooper Estonia The parliamentary Cultural Affairs Committee decided to recommend to the plenum that two regional projects should be declared cultural construction projects of national significance besides the two main favourites. This move brought the greatest public support to the […]