The pretext of war creates a dangerous precedent

Kaarel Võhandu, a bird scientist and head of the Estonian Ornithological Society, confirms that he is not against the gas terminal in principle, but still considers it necessary to assess its environmental impact. Photo: Sander Ilvest If the state grants advantage to one entrepreneur, others will want it as well Environmental impact could be assesses […]

Narva, a window to Europe for the deported

According to Oksana from Mariupol, they carried their one-year-old daughter Milat with her husband for the last three days. According to the woman, it was not comparable to sitting in the basement of a house for three weeks in the shelter from the bombing, living there. Photo: Andres Haabu / Postimees Refugees leaving their homeland […]

Five minutes to decide whether to escape

Cutter Shetetin (left) and Oleksandra Pissorenko, who fled the Ukrainian war, have been working at Confidos for three weeks. Both plan to stay in Estonia, study the language and continue their medicine – Pissorenko, who worked as a nurse in Ukraine, has to complete nursing training and as a doctor, Chechnya wants to graduate University […]

China increasingly attacks the West and NATO. Estonia remains silent

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the Russian-Ukrainian war, China has chosen Russia. Similarly, China is increasingly criticizing the European security architecture. Photo: Reuters/ScanPix China has chosen Russia’s side in Russia’s war against Ukraine. Similarly, China is ever vigorously criticizing the European security architecture. Besides China’s “historic enemy” the USA, attacks […]

Russian army left from Kyiv’s outskirts, taking along women’s underwear

Katjužanka küla asub Kiievist 60 kilomeetri kaugusel, seal, kust vene Väed lahkusid ööl vastu laupäeva. Enne lahkumist lasid nad õhku silla üle Dnepri jõe, mis tähendab et kohaikud elanikud peavad toidu järgi tulema üle silla jäänuste. Fotol on Ukraina sõjaväelased, kes aitavad kohalikke inimesi. Photo: Ain Liiva The Russian soldiers behaved correctly as the war […]