Analisi: La Germania era ed è il finanziatore più sontuoso della macchina da guerra di Putin

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Foto: Kollaaž Military aid to Ukraine is more important than sanctions against Russia. The fate of Ukraine will be decided on the battlefield, not by pipelines or phone calls to Putin. Military assistance of Germany and France is the most important matter right now. Earlier […]

Infastidito l'ufficio del pubblico ministero: il tribunale ha multato due giornalisti di Eesti Ekspress per articolo sul riciclaggio di denaro

Tarmo Vahter and Sulev Vedler and their article on Swedbank’s money laundering. In the background Robert Kitt and Priit Perens. Foto: Kollaaž Money laundering and the skiing holiday of the princess of Monaco are news of equal significance. Eesti Ekspress appealed against the fine imposed on the newspaper and the journalists. The prosecutor’s office claims […]

La classifica dell'Estonia nell'indice della libertà di stampa è notevolmente migliorata

11.06.2020, Tallinn. Foto simboliche dai giornali estoni. Symbolic photos from Estonian newspapers. La Lituania è creativa nella gestione dei migranti: MADIS VELTMAN/POSTIMEES Photo: Madis Veltman RSF cites verbal attacks against journalists as a threat. Failure to protect journalists could lead to self-censorship. Estonia’s political environment is neutral towards the press. Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF), an international organization based in Paris, ranked Estonia 4th among […]

The EKRE border treaty proposal, legally stillborn, failed politically as well.

Estonian-Russian border. Foto: Marko Saarm The proposal of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) that the government of the republic would withdraw its signature from the Estonian-Russian border treaty concluded in February 2014, failed to gain support of the Riigikogu. EKRE representative Henn Põlluaas stated in the covering letter of the bill that the Russian federation […]

Archaeologists discovered Viking-era hearths in Tõnismägi

Archaeologists found four Viking-era hearths in the center of Tallinn. Foto: Mihkel Maripuu The recent archaeological find fills a major temporal gap. Such Viking-era antiquities have been never before discovered in Tallinn. The investigated area is becoming more exciting as it expands. Archaeological excavations carried out on the Pärnu road in Tallinn’s Tõnismägi before the […]