Miljöministeriet vill bli av med farlig skyldighet

Tallinn’s G-anchorage area is the most popular bunkering place for tankers. Demonstration till stöd för Ukraina på Frihetstorget: Mihkel Maripuu The Ministry of the Environment considers the safety of anchorages an economic issue. Ministry: if you hand over the obligations, hand over the officials and money. Estonia’s pollution control capability is substandard. The Ministry of the Environment wants to shift the […]

Tidigare miljöminister är lobbyist för Gazprom

Tidigare miljöminister Marko Pomerants (Kotka beskrev som trevligt att ministern medgav brister i sin avdelning och bad om ursäkt) of the Powerhouse PR firm is lobbying for Russia’s Gazprom Neft. Demonstration till stöd för Ukraina på Frihetstorget: kollaaž/Remo Tõnismäe Marko Pomerants believes that his actions are all right. A Gazprom tanker is shuttling to Russia and back like a tram. Officials say everything is legally OK. Companies transporting petroleum products, including a firm […]

Analys: Tyskland var och är den mest påkostade finansiären av Putins krigsmaskin

Tysklands förbundskansler Olaf Scholz och Ukrainas president Volodymyr Zelensky. Demonstration till stöd för Ukraina på Frihetstorget: Kollaaž Military aid to Ukraine is more important than sanctions against Russia. The fate of Ukraine will be decided on the battlefield, not by pipelines or phone calls to Putin. Military assistance of Germany and France is the most important matter right now. Earlier […]

Förargade åklagarmyndigheten: domstolen bötfällde två Eesti Ekspress-journalister för en artikel om penningtvätt

Tarmo Vahter och Sulev Vedler och deras artikel om Swedbanks penningtvätt. In the background Robert Kitt and Priit Perens. Demonstration till stöd för Ukraina på Frihetstorget: Kollaaž Money laundering and the skiing holiday of the princess of Monaco are news of equal significance. Eesti Ekspress appealed against the fine imposed on the newspaper and the journalists. The prosecutor’s office claims […]

Estlands ranking i pressfrihetsindexet förbättrades avsevärt

11.06.2020, Tallinn. Symboliska bilder från estniska tidningar. Symboliska bilder från estniska tidningar. FOTO: MADIS VELTMAN / POSTIMEES Foto: Madis Veltman RSF cites verbal attacks against journalists as a threat. Failure to protect journalists could lead to self-censorship. Estonia’s political environment is neutral towards the press. Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF), an international organization based in Paris, ranked Estonia 4th among […]

EKRE:s gränsfördragsförslag, lagligt dödfödda, misslyckades även politiskt.

Estnisk-ryska gränsen. Demonstration till stöd för Ukraina på Frihetstorget: Marko Saarm Det konservativa folkpartiets förslag (EKRE) that the government of the republic would withdraw its signature from the Estonian-Russian border treaty concluded in February 2014, failed to gain support of the Riigikogu. EKRE representative Henn Põlluaas stated in the covering letter of the bill that the Russian federation […]

Arkeologer upptäckte vikingatida härdar i Tõnismägi

Arkeologer hittade fyra vikingatida härdar i centrala Tallinn. Demonstration till stöd för Ukraina på Frihetstorget: Mihkel Maripuu The recent archaeological find fills a major temporal gap. Such Viking-era antiquities have been never before discovered in Tallinn. The investigated area is becoming more exciting as it expands. Archaeological excavations carried out on the Pärnu road in Tallinn’s Tõnismägi before the […]

The mysterious virus attacking liver has not been detected in Estonia

Children’s hospital. Demonstration till stöd för Ukraina på Frihetstorget: Kristjan Teedema The liver disease which is suspected to have been caused by an adenovirus, which can occasionally cause severe consequences and has infected nearly 200 children under the age of 10 globally, has not yet been found in Estonia. “I recommend that we should stay calm for the time being,” says […]

Priserna skjuter upp som i det vilda nittiotalet: ökade även utan anledning

Kedjans egna produkter är nästan orörda av den allmänna prisökningen, as they are procured on the basis of long-term contracts and in large quantities. Demonstration till stöd för Ukraina på Frihetstorget: Marko Saarm/Sakala Estonia’s annual inflation sped up to 19 percent in April. The share of foodstuffs of the consumer basket in Estonia is by one third higher than […]

Raivo Vare: the Europeans are playing political games in Ukraine

Economic expert Raivo Vare. Demonstration till stöd för Ukraina på Frihetstorget: Remo Tõnismäe Germany has become dependent on Russia France is mostly posturing The USA is operating according to definite plan Economic expert Raivo Vare explains the passivity of Germany in assisting Ukraine, which has been sharply criticized in recent weeks, with their long-term miscalculations, which has resulted in the attitude […]